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The Majesty of Colors

The classic web game of love, loss, and balloons by Gregory Avery-Weir remastered for your modern device by Future Proof Games. Available now!

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Last night I had a dream.

I floated in darkness, immense, squamous. My mind flowed like my body, slowly and sinuously, tremendous wheels both too slow and too fast for me to describe to you now.

I was perfect, and titanic, and serene. But then, as I moved through the cold abyss, I saw a light. And as I came near, I saw something... wonderful.

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"So immediately distinctive and unique."

"You could write reams about it, but it's a game where much of the joy is in making those discoveries of what you're meant to be doing."

Best Interactive Art or Webtoy of 2008 Audience Award